Some Rainbow Riches Tips



I'm sure you would have heard of the online slot game, Rainbow Riches? This is one of the most popular slot games in the United Kingdom and I'm sure that once you start playing it, you will never stop. Unfortunately, like the case is with most slot games, you can't really develop a strategy which will help you win all the time. Even with Rainbow Riches, there are a lot of people that try and develop strategies to ensure winning each time, but most of these strategies aren't full proof and don't even come close as far as guaranteeing wins is concerned.


It's best if you treat the game just like any random slot machine and play it for fun instead of playing to win. Always remain within your budget and you should be fine. Now there will be people that have good experiences with this game and people that have bad ones. The important thing to remember though is that it is all about luck. Never spend more than you can afford. Always remember that just because lose 5 games in a row doesn't mean you have to win the next one.


As far as the strategies mentioned earlier are concerned, there are quite a few rumors doing the rounds regarding Rainbow Riches slot patterns as far as each spin is concerned. While some of these patterns do hold up for a game or two, most of them fail in the long run. Our mind is always trying to form a pattern within the game. Sometimes you may be able to form one as well. But the randomness of the spins will ensure that the pattern is not useful after a certain amount of time. That's why there is no use in wasting time trying to form a pattern when you can just enjoy the game and play it like it was supposed to be played.


Lastly, there is one thing that arcade players may believe help them win more. The truth though is that it's actually a joke and not the funny kind. Some people believe that if they let the 'Wishing Well' bonus level time out, it will award them the highest payout. While there is no way of determining if this is true or not, in my opinion it involves the same amount of luck as when you choose a well. There are no guarantees when it comes to a game like Rainbow Riches. If you can't stand the risks involved in the game, its best you play something else. But if you are ready to have some fun with slots, then this is definitely the game for you.